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Appendix 5

Black and White Politics

With considerable pressure in opposition to the Proposed Pilot Culls licensed to start from 1st June, an e-petition with c .250,000 signatures sparked an Opposition Debate in Parliament 5th June. UNSurprisingly, the EFRA Committee report rubbishing vaccines was embargoed until the llth hour, and Tory Whips were successful in achieving a majority of 299 Noes to 250 Ayes against stopping culls,and the amendment vote was 298 Ayes to 237 Noes "Trusting the Culls would reach" a satisfactory conclusion (majorities of 49 and 61).

The following sent out to 150 + MPs failed to instill even a glimmer of commonsense !

Any Further Badger Culls Vaccines , "Researches" Utterly Pointless

Despite 42 years "Scapegoating'' & PseudoScience Brock cannot possibly be problem Last Review Lord Krebs 1997. It Is not know if, how, to what extent badgers might realistically contribute to cattle TB. Despite the RBCT Trial cull he instigated, £50 million cull 11,000 badgers, ISG (Independent Scientific Group) 2007 Report dif not actually answer any of these key questions!

Badgers Not Guilty
  1. Catching TB - Cattle TB is a Respiratory lung "consumption" just as in man , a broncho-pneumonia, spread by aerosol "sputum droplets" (Think Swine Flu) and prolonged contact over wintering in barns. Emphatically not from badgers brief visits for drink & snack of cattle nuts won't work, and badger urine, a cow would need to "drink" 3ml to get minimum dose 1 million bacilli.

  2. Badger TB Reservoir - There emphatically is not self-perpetuating badger hidden reservoir "Out There". TB occurs in a few badgers in a few clans at the epicentre of cattle TB herd breakdowns, tiny micro-pockets, which die out when not topped up from cattle , i.e. merely spill over host , like deer , etc . ISG found a mere 1515 TB badgers in 11 000 Culled. 1900 k2 , only 166 Infectious.

  3. Culls hence had nil effect on cattle TB, ISGs own data : - Report 2007 reactive cull, same accumulated no. herd breakdowns as number of cull areas P. 243; Proactive culls , No effect unconfirmed breakdowns (caused by unconfirmed reactors , p.96, 101. / nor on confirmed breakdowns 1.4 in 100 k2 p . 103. Basis proposed pilot culls /vaccines in consultation 2010 is The Logical Absurdity Great Perturbation Myth Culls Make It Worse = pure nonsense.

    The new ''religion" of badger perturbation may be "peer reviewed" and have bamboozled everyone including Chief Vet N. Gibbens , DEFRA Chief Scientist Ian Boyd (Radio 4 "Debate" justifying culls) but is crass stupidity and disgraceful pseudoscience. How on earth can perturbed badger territories & badgers immigrating into inside cull are cause rise of 43 % in outside ring (above figure, drop in 1st 500 m, P.99). Rise in reactive areas was before cull p . 109, imported cows , new DNA spoligotype.

  4. Culls unnecessary - "Won't solve it without tackling wildlife" pure nonsense, Scotland clear now, Wales & Ulster v . nearly eradicated without culls, even the "Intractable" Penwith/Lands End area went clear DE-Population key chronic herds. NB. DEFRA's Woodchester textbook Hi- TB badgers have not caused even l breakdown.

  5. True hidden TB reservoir = cattle all along up to 85 % breakdowns due unconfirmed reactors, are not false positive. And e. 2000 chronic problem herds need routinely used ENFER ELISA Antibody blood TEST or IDEXX Ab test or PCR on faecal swabs for fast detection skin test non- reactor anergic culprit cows.

  6. Budget Cuts - Wasted 2 Mill, on extra Policing? - Might prevent just 47 out of expected 292 breakdowns in 150k2 after 9 years too costly. FERA should be axed for pushing pointless badger vaccines. "Badger" ie, cattle TB hotspot now 1/2 GB.

  7. EU Subsidy & Free Trade status at risk cull? BERN convention

  8. Sooner rather than later passersby will get "shot" Lord KREBS : "crazy"