The great badgers and bovine TB debate....

Sherlock Holmes, two dogs that did not bark in the night..."Logical" Absurdity X 2 !

Is way past its sell-by date, and off into Alice in Wonderland virtual reality :-

1. No-one after 42 years research has shown how badgers might give cows a respiratory lung infection ( it is 100 % from prolonged contact with other cows over-wintering in barns ..even in the very artificial badger / calf yard experiment 8 out of 12 calves took 6-10 months to become reactors, 4 exposed under 1 month apparently did not catch TB : little 1982). Infamous urine on pasture :- 300,000 bacilli / ml; but 99 % urine drains straight into soil, rest disinfected by UV in sunlight within 3 days, so cows won't get needed 1 million bacilli dose .. would need to drink 3 cc of fresh urine !

2. See below picture ...all the scientific experts have been bamboozled into the "new religion" of culls causing perturbation and increasing spread to cows... but despite this being in peer reviewed science, amidst the tsunami/avalanche of statistics from isg, no-one has noticed ... it is hilariously silly pure nonsense ... how on earth can badgers immigrating into cull area cause TB rise outside it !!!??? (ISG p. 99 a drop in 1st 500 m).

The rise in reactive areas happened before cull (isg p. 109), in no cull areas too, and was different DNA spoligotype to resident badgers i.e. imported cattle, not brocks getting perturbed !